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23andMe test results can be exciting–once you fully understand them. This guided tour teaches you to navigate your way confidently around your 23andMe test results so you’ll better understand what your DNA is telling you about your roots–and what else it might reveal if you dig a little deeper.
What is my Ancestry Composition? How do I get my ethnicity estimates? Does the health information on the site provide any clues for my family history research?  How can I find out who I am related to with my 23andMe DNA test? With our step-by-step, guided Tour, you will CONFIDENTLY explore the answers in no time! 
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From confusion to clarity. 
Get 23andMe results working for you.

Your Tour Guides: 
Diahan Southard and Lori Napolitano

This Tour has been created by Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard, a globally-renowned genetic genealogy educator and Lori Napolitano and expert genetic genealogist and coach in Your DNA Guide - the Academy. The self-paced modules with activities that reinforce your learning have been designed to give you a progressive, confident and thorough learning experience.

23andMe Tour includes: 

  • An on-demand Tour experience (2-3 hours) so you can go at your own speed: start, stop, and come back if you need to, or re-watch whenever you want
  • Nearly 90 minutes of engaging video instruction segments so you can enjoy short, easy-to-learn segments
  • A colorful, 16-page, interactive, printable PDF workbook you can fill in–and which becomes a useful reference guide
  • Indefinite access to your Tour, with occasional updates as MORE exciting new tools or features are added to your MyHeritage experience, so you can KEEP learning MORE of what your DNA can tell you
  • BONUS: A handy digital edition of the 23andMe Quick Reference Guide, with at-a-glance reference for the important tools and features you’ll want to visit on the site
Don't miss a thing in your 23andMe test results!

What people are saying about Touring with Your DNA Guide

"Best investment I ever made in my genealogy!"

~Mary Douglas
"This should be given with every DNA test! Very helpful and insightful. Really helped me in my Research.

"I thought I had a full understanding in using the site. Diahan certainly showed me a few extra ways to make use of the tools as well as increasing my knowledge of how to use the results. Great course. It was easy to follow and fun using the workbook. "

"Small Investment - BIG Return! One of [Diahan's] search tips broke through a 25-year-old brick wall! BIG win! Thank you, Diahan!


We are so confident that you will gain insight and inspiration from the Tour Series that we are offering you a full money-back guarantee if you don't walk away with new ideas on how to move forward in your genetic genealogy journey within your DNA testing company.
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