23andMe Tour

23andMe Tour is an online learning experience in which you’ll learn to navigate your way confidently around your 23andMe test results! Your Tour includes more than a dozen short, engaging video tutorials; a full-color, interactive workbook; and activities that help you apply what you learn to your own DNA test results. When you finish your 23andMe Tour, you’ll better understand what your DNA is telling you about your roots–and what else it might reveal if you dig a little deeper.

January 2024 update:
23andMe and their customers were recently impacted by a security breach and the company temporarily disabled some of their features. Coach Lori has recorded a video to show some ways to still make the most of your DNA data at 23andMe. Too many people have tested at 23andMe to ignore their entire site just because a few tools are currently disabled. Even when we have to figure out some ways to work around 23andMe's changes, it's still worth understanding how their site works and how to analyze what you can there.

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