If you're ready to identify those mystery matches, you need...

Expert Strategies for Finding Living People

Learn top skills for identifying your DNA matches in just 2 days—without expensive people-finding websites!

  • 2-day live, virtual workshop

  • Strategies for identifying mystery matches using clues from many sources

  • Expert instructors share real experiences and take your questions

  • A digital workbook with practice activities

  • FREE access to Newspapers.com during the workshop

Take the "Finding Living Relatives" 2-day Workshop

June 27-28, 2024

12-4pm ET both days

  • Clues from your DNA testing website: your mystery matches may be revealing more than you realize about who they are!

  • More meaningful, respectful strategies for contacting your matches–and increasing their response rate

  • Focused strategies to find your mystery matches using Google and social media, so you can more confidently pick them out of an online crowd

  • People-finding websites–we recommend our favorites and walk you through how to get the most out of them for free (i.e., not get sucked into their sales tactics)

  • Digitized newspaper websites, because your matches (or the relatives on their trees) may be mentioned in news articles that tell you who they are

  • Step-by-step instructions and examples

  • A downloadable workbook with notes and worksheets to use during the workshop and refer to later

  • Several blocks of time during the workshop to practice what you just learned on your own research, get feedback and share successes

  • Proven strategies to help identify those unknown relatives you find when you take a DNA test (your DNA matches), because their identities can help you learn about your shared roots

  • Live, virtual instruction and Q&A from top experts in DNA, forensics and genealogy

  • Step-by-step instructions with helpful examples, so you can see how each concept works in real situations

  • Real-time, hands-on practice with time to ask questions, so you’ll learn more confidently

  • Expert guidance to help you contact unknown relatives more effectively (even in sensitive situations)

  • Insight into hidden clues at DNA testing companies that will help you identify your unknown relatives

  • Focused strategies to Google people and find them on social media so you can pick them out of the crowds

  • Tips to use those intimidating people-finding websites (for free!)

  • Clever ideas on how to mine digitized newspaper websites

  • Inspiring case studies show you how powerfully these techniques help you identify birth relatives and unknown ancestors

  • A digital workbook with summaries of what you’ve learned; practice activities; helpful worksheets and additional resources so you can keep learning and DOING the DNA!

  • A FREE 2-day pass to Newspapers.com, the world’s biggest newspaper archive, active during the Workshop dates

Caveat: Some of the techniques taught will be most effective in the United States. Limited resources specific to researching living people in the U.K., Canada, and Australia will also be provided.

Just $297

for the 2-day live event AND permanent access to the course content!

We teach people how to use DNA testing to learn about their families. We believe that discovering your family story is so empowering! It makes you stronger, more rooted, more connected, more confident. You can do it–and we can help you, just as we’ve helped thousands of people around the world for 10 years.

Diahan Southard

Founder and CEO of Your DNA Guide and a world-renowned genetic genealogy educator

Lori Napolitano

Genetic genealogy coach and retired Chief of Forensic Services, Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Sunny Jane Morton

Renowned genealogy educator, Content Director at Your DNA Guide

Who should take this Workshop?

Everyone who is searching for their relatives using DNA

Anyone who is frustrated by DNA matches who don’t respond or don’t share family trees

Anyone who wants to connect with birth relatives or extend their family trees

Genealogists and search angels who want to improve their skills and effectiveness

Why take the Finding Living Relatives Workshop?

Because it continues to cost you time, energy and frustration on your genetic genealogy journey to NOT know who your important DNA matches are. You could be communicating with them more effectively (if you choose to). You could be finding more meaningful clues about who they are and how they’re related to you. 

What technical requirements are necessary?

The Finding Living Relatives workshop takes place entirely online. You’ll need a reliable internet connection for streaming the video learning sessions and for additional learning on your own time. You’ll need access to DNA test results, which do not come with this Workshop.

What is your refund policy?

We get it–schedules change! If you find yourself unable to attend, don’t worry, because this Workshop comes with permanent access to the course content. Because of this, no refunds are available.

"On Sunday morning I was able to connect 4 mystery matches primarily using Facebook. This involved one father with multiple partners, each with children, one child carrying her mother’s maiden name. Luckily, they all appear in each other’s Family and Relationships. This helped me overcome unrecognized names in a family branch that has multiple relationships and the DNA quantity confusion that it brings."

-Joe H.

"I really enjoyed the workshop. It was a great refresher course for search methods, and I learned lots of more in depth skills when searching Google and social media."

-Terry K.

"The course was just super in teaching in an organized fashion how to draw together all the disparate methods we all utilize to find living people online in our genealogical research. I learned so many helpful tips, and was reminded of many others, and was simply inspired to tackle this search in a more ORGANIZED fashion and TO STAY FOCUSED!!....All that you covered in the seminar helped me to figure out who [two of my mystery matches] actually ARE, to find them online, etc. and to get further in the hunt with respect to them. Because of the difficulty in finding info for their family trees on my own, I have chosen to message both, hopefully to get more info from them. And your coaching about wording to do so was VERY HELPFUL!!"

-Kris L.

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