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What you will learn with the WATO Course
  • How to determine whether WATO/WATO plus is (or is not) an appropriate tool for your research question so you know when to use it

  • What key information you need to use WATO more successfully

  • How to upload or input data (and save it for later) so you can use the WATO tool throughout your research process

  • Practice with step-by-step processes for using WATO in real case studies, so you can  follow these steps with your own research

  • How to understand and use the hypotheses tools so you can evaluate the likelihood of possible family relationships

  • How to use various WATO settings and actions so you can navigate the website confidently

  • When the free WATO experience is sufficient, and when you’re ready for WATO plus so you get the most out of your genealogy budget

How the Course will help you master WATO
  • Engaging video tutorials and companion exercises that offer about 6-8 hours of a guided learning experience

  • Short, step-by-step, close-captioned modules help you digest one concept at a time

  • On-demand access lets you set your own pace: start, stop and rewatch whenever you want

  • Unlimited, indefinite access to the Course allows you to return and refresh your learning

  • Practice case study prepares you to harness WATO’s power for your own research

  • Professionally-designed WATO Workbook (print/fillable PDF) turns your coursework into a handy reference guide

  • Additional, optional resources invite you to extend your learning, if you choose

  • FREE occasional updates as the WATO tool continues to develop will keep your learning current 

Just $79!

Who are we?

Your DNA Guide

Our sole purpose is to teach and inspire YOU to use DNA to explore your roots. We believe you can do it, and that there is power in making your own DNA discoveries. We’ve been focused on this mission for 10 years, which experience has made us a leading global genetic genealogy education company.

Diahan Southard, Founder and CEO

and a world-renowned genetic genealogy educator

I teach people how to use DNA testing to learn about their families. I believe that discovering your family story is so empowering! Learning it makes you stronger, more rooted, more connected, more confident. You can do it–and I can help you, just as I’ve helped thousands of people around the world. 

Who needs the WATO Course?

Anyone who uses DNA testing for family history! But it is immediately relevant for those who have gathered a group of matches and want to see how a DNA tester fits on their family tree. WATO is so key to answering this question that it’s usually the first tool (beyond your DNA testing company tools) that we send people to.

Will WATO work for me if I have endogamy?

The creator of WATO Jonny Perl has this to say about endogamy: "[WATO] is not meant for endogamous populations. Endogamy may significantly affect the scores, and we don't yet have good probability data to figure out how. Recent pedigree collapse (for example grandparents who are first cousins) is also likely to have a significant effect, meaning WATO will incorrectly rule out some relationships that are possible. However, more remote pedigree collapse may not affect the numbers a great deal."

Do I need to subscribe to WATO plus to use this Course?

No. We will teach you how to use the free version of WATO, which is powerful and, for some people, meets their needs completely. We will also introduce you to WATO plus (a paid version) so you know what else it has to offer.

What technical requirements are there?

This course takes place online. To access it, you’ll need a reliable internet connection for streaming the video learning sessions and for additional learning on your own time. 

Why is this not a live workshop?

We created this as an on-demand experience for a few reasons. First, some people need more time than others for the concepts to sink in. We want everyone to be able to go at their own pace and stop, start and rewatch the tutorials as often as needed. Same thing for the case studies: we don’t want anyone to feel pressure to complete them quickly so we can “move on,” like we would in a live experience. Finally, WATO is one of those tools you will need to pull out again and again in the future for specific research questions. I want you to be able to come back and review as needed. (You get to keep access to the Course materials indefinitely.)

What else should I know?

This course does not include DNA testing or instruction on how to work with your DNA matches, except on WATO.

While there are many additional tools on the DNA Painter website, this Course focuses exclusively on WATO.

Your DNA Guide is not associated with DNA Painter. We specialize in DNA education, and can provide independent, unbiased evaluation and instruction.

Take the WATO Course now–

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