YDNA for Genealogy Course

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Hear what Teresa says about the YDNA Course:

"My biggest win was finally understanding my father’s YDNA research and how to interpret the DNA project data. If you’re struggling with understanding YDNA, interpreting your match results, or just want to learn more about how YDNA can help you in your research, this is the course for you!"

What do I get with the course?

  • ​About 6 total hours of pre-recorded video tutorials (average 2 hours per week)

  • ​Classwork and homework that provide hands-on experience with real-life case studies

  • Quizzes, polls and a disscusion board moderated by experts

  • Live wrap-up Q&A session via Zoom at the end

  • Enrollment in a class cohort that allows students to interact with one another at their preferred level

  • Digital download edition of the handy YDNA Quick Reference Guide by Diahan Southard

  • Full-length, printable professionally-created workbook with classwork, homework, and research log (PDF format) becomes a useful reference guide for you later

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